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Driveway & Sidewalk Sealer

DRIVE WAYS & SIDEWALKS Need to seal your new or existing concrete? Mightyseal can protect your investment!

Garage Floor Sealer

GARAGE AND BASEMENT floors require a special type of concrete sealer to get through the surface.


Concrete Sealers with a Shine

DECORATIVE CONCRETE... Seal and enhance your pavers or stamped concrete with a shine & durable protection.

Warehouse Floor Sealer

INDUSTRIAL TYPE FLOORS require long lasting, and durable concrete sealers to minimize the maintenance

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Concrete SealerConcrete sealer: If you are an architect looking to protect a bridge deck, seal a concrete industrial warehouse floor; or a just a homeowner who wants that expensive concrete driveway to last – you need MightySeal concrete sealers.

Ever wonder where the architects and engineers go for help? Right here! Browse around the site and get educated! It doesn’t matter if you showed up looking to seal a concrete airplane hanger floor or if you want to seal your damp basement walls! Do you need help making your concrete pavers shine, or a garage floor stain and dust resistant? Want a sealer that passes ASTM, NCHRP tests? How about EPA or FDA concerns? Going green? We have a sealer that is WATERBORNE, OSHA friendly and out performs the V.O.C. products! Are you focused on performance? Take a look at our chemically reactive sealers - they use the latest nano-technology to produce a permanent change deep in your concrete and will usually last more than 25 years and in many cases, forever!

Let’s face it there are 8 to 10 new concrete sealer companies popping up on the web each week. How are you going to sort out the difference between all the concrete sealers out there: styrene, acrylic, silicone, silane, siloxane, silicate? And we’re not even into the siliconates, epoxies and polymers yet! Mighty Seal’s number one goal is to help you sort through the maze of concrete sealer technology and all of the marketing hype so you can do it right the first time.

Mighty Seal's chemically reactive concrete sealer uses nano-technology to create a permanent chemistry change in your concrete. Unlike other types of concrete sealers which dry out, or wear away from the surface, Mighty Seal penetrates and combines at a molecular level to become a permanent part of your concrete substrate. This achieves long life because it will be there as long as the concrete it has treated remains.

Whatever your concrete sealer needs, we have the solution, and with the MIGHTY SEAL focus on performance you can be sure you won’t be doing it again anytime soon.


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